Secularism for Shitslam

Shitslam is a threat to my nation and everyone knows it deep in their heart. It is their biggest horror. They cannot do anything about so they deny it for their mental peace. (Dil Behalane ke liye Ghalib Khayal Achha Hai)

They say to themselves it won’t happen now or will happen in few years from now.

Then they start to make friends with Shitslims and talk about their qualities to pacify their own heart in which they have fear for Shitslam.

When you discuss the atrocities of Shitslam they will agree to it and say not all Shitslims are like that or only one percent of the shitslims are like that, rest are good.

Then you tell them about the Stealth Jihad and they will be shocked and won’t believe it.

Then you give live examples to them and they will be in a mute mode for a while and then they will come with the argument that how Shitslam is good and Shitslims are good people.

If you oppose them they will accuse you of hate talks and label you as Shitslamophobic.

With each such argument they will accuse you for hate speech and you will not be able to do anything about it.

This is a regular thing which I come across every day.

I am accused of Hate Speech and labelled as Shitslamophobic.

The so called secular people are not fighting me but they are defending the belief that Shitslam is good.

They know that if they start believing me they will not be able to sleep at night.

But then comes something which makes me happy.

A day comes when these secular people come across the brutality of Islam in their own life and then they become Shitslamophobic like me.

I am able to sleep at night only because I beleave there is still time. I prepare myself for armed combat or Dharmydha against Shitslam which we are destined to.

I beleave that Shitslam is Adharma and there will be a war between people like me and people of shitslam.

If I die I will get a veergati and if a win I will live to see the glory.

I will kill myself before being captured or converted.

This time I want to strike first so that I can kill maximum no. of Shitslims.

“We Shall overcome

We shall overcome

We shall overcome shitslam one day

Deep in my Heart, I do beleave

That we shall overcome shitslam one day.

We are not afraid

We are not afraid

We are not afraid today

Deep in my Heart, I do believe

That we shall overcome shitslam one day”.